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buss | bristol under stairs storage


The Cost of Under Stairs Storage

There isn’t a straightforward answer to the question “how much does it cost?” – every project we work on is different and we tailor the things we make to fit a given space and storage needs. However, experience has shown that there is an approximate ratio of work/materials/hardware to volume of space so some indication of price is possible. 

Start by measuring the width of your under stairs space in centimetres (left to right along the floor as you look at the side of the stairs). Divide this length by 60 and multiply by £1k – that will give you an approximate budget figure. There is some room for manoeuvre here but this is a good starting point.

What goes into this price? Let’s start with materials – we do not use MDF to build drawer boxes because of its weight. The heavier the drawer the less capacity it has to store your things. Instead we use birch faced poplar plywood which is strong, lightweight and attractive. Any visible cut edge is covered with birch veneer tape and the surfaces finished with clear varnish.  Structural parts (weight bearing components and things that runners are screwed to) are made from birch plywood as it is far stronger than MDF and will last longer. 

As for hardware, my favourite runner is manufactured by Accuride, a world leader in the field. These are industrial grade telescopic slides with a weight capacity of up to 272 kg. Why such a heavy duty slide? Big drawer units. Why not divide up the space into smaller units? Fewer drawers means less supporting structure and more storage space. The runners are available in lengths all the way up to 1.5m and yes, we have made a drawer that long! A drawer that is opened and shut 10 times a day can be expected to last 20 years at around 80% of its maximum load capacity.

The other major part of the cost is of course the time it takes us to make them. A typical project might take six days in total to manufacture in the workshop and then two days to install. Each project is carefully considered and designed and built from scratch by two cabinet makers and an engineer in our workshop in Bristol.