all about buss


I understand that nobody has money to waste. It is good to be efficient. But we all know that efficient and cheap are not necessarily the same thing. And there is nothing wrong with taking pleasure in making things properly and in enjoying using things that work properly and look good.

I first started making under stairs storage drawers in 2010 not long after completing a traditional furniture making course. It would seem that there is a bit of a step from the world of hand cut dovetails to buss, and a sizeable leap from my original training at art college. In fact, I have always believed that committing time and resources to designing and making things should have a useful purpose. This was true even during my time as a sculpture student in the early 90’s, and has led me to what I do now.

Or at least that’s part of the story. If I’m honest, I also have to confess to a bit of an obsession with the tools of the trade, probably thanks to a grandfather who made guitars in his spare time. I used to love going down into his rather musty cellar workshop to watch him work, and to this day the smell of damp walls takes me straight back there. It was probably this that led me to sculpture rather than painting (welding torches! angle grinders!) though now I have to move my toolkit around Bristol on a regular basis the idea that less is more seems very appealing!